Nana Maud Mary Fernandez nee Pereira

5th February, 2021

Rita Rodricks

Nana Maud was born on the 6th of October, 1934 in 1 A Pali Village, Bandra

Her parents, my maternal grandparents were Eldon and Annie Pereira

She was the fifth sibling in a family of eight children

Their strict and religious upbringing had them all reined in

She did her primary education in the local St. Anthony’s School in Pali Village

She then went on to complete her secondary education in St. Andrew’s School, deemed a privilege

Nana Maud was always well dressed and would step out wearing bright lipstick and long earring drops

She never shied away from wearing a swim suit, shorts, trousers or strappy tops

Her wear at home dresses were floral cotton in hues of pink, red and violet

The local seamstress tailored those with frills, buttons, lace or fancy net

Draping a sari perfectly in a few minutes that is all it took

All attired she would get many an admirable look

An extremely good dancer and fond of dancing she would rock the floor

When she did the ‘Twist’ and the ‘Jive’ with her brother Leo the crowd would yell for more

She drove our family car which was a ‘Fiat’ with dexterity and ease

There was nothing that could deter her she did exactly as she pleased

Nana Maud met my father working in ‘Eve’s Weekly’ a monthly Indian woman’s magazine

They started their own advertising business on the day I was born it was Nana Maud that was keen

‘Maud Advertising Service’ offered advertising, printing of calendars and diaries

They both worked relentlessly to ensure that it was successful with their own expertise

My parents got married on the 4th of January, 1959

Though they had their ups and downs they were fine

While my father along with the rest of the family spelt our surname as ‘Fernandes’

 Nana Maud was determined to be her independent self and spelt hers as ‘Fernandez’

My parents attended weddings, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries all kind of social functions

They would also celebrate with grandeur all our family joyous occasions

Nana Maud had nine children in succession with only a year difference between us siblings

Seventeen grandchildren and one great grandson completed the innings

Nana Maud was an excellent home chef and would cook up gastronomic delights

The dining table would be over loaded with pork, chicken, fish and duck culinary bites

My daughter Charlotte insists that Nana Maud’s ‘Roast Tongue’ was the best 

She always loved feeding family, relatives and friends along with the rest

Some of her favorite food was pork, fish and duck with mangoes being her chosen fruit

She would always eat two portions of ice cream having a sweet tooth

Visiting her grandchildren in the U.S.A. and New Zealand was a wonderful experience

She had no difficulty adjusting to their way of life having resilience

She lived life to the fullest and was brutally honest and blunt

Always liked to help people and was a much favorite Aunt

Nana Maud expired on the 5th of February, 2021 in the midst of this pandemic fear

I am sure she must be in a better place now having a drink with my father!

8 thoughts on “Nana Maud Mary Fernandez nee Pereira

  1. Memories of Aunty Maud.
    May her soul rest in Peace.
    Brought back memories of my visits to her home in Chium and Juhu with Rita. Sad to hear she passed away. Our prayers and condolences to the family.
    Shirley Gomes


  2. I really admired this amazing woman – Aunty Maud. Managing her business, home and kids in those days is commendable. She was a very hard working woman who gave only the best to her kids. As a kid, I remember her coming over to our place in Andheri – Rock House as she was my Dad – Hubert’s best friend. Both Uncle Domnic and Aunty Maud always involved my Dad and Mum in all their events and functions. Aunty Maud insisted that my Dad plays the Ghumat while she would sing. Every year, we would go in their car to Madh Island for the Erangal Feast and both the families would enjoy good food, drinks and enjoy dancing.
    I was a favourite of Uncle Domnic and the moment he would see me, he would give me a big hug and would proudly kiss me on my cheek. I always respected him like my own father. Like I said in my earlier comments, both Uncle Domnic and Aunty Maud had a lot of money and God had blessed them but they would never show off, they were grounded and humble people. They would reach out to to others and help them.
    One of my Dad’s best friends who always kept in touch with us till the very end.
    Uncle Domnic and Aunty Maud – we miss you immensely and I am sure the 4 of you, Mum and Dad and you 2 must be enjoying playing the Ghumat and dancing in heaven. I hope we find some more loving people like you on this earth. Hats off to you Rita for Rita Tales which is so exciting to read. God bless you.


    1. Thank you Shannon good memories indeed yes I too agree that the four of them are sitting together having a drink, eating pork and singing oldie goodies with your father drumming on the ghumat.


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