East Indian Kaka Baptista Museum Day

Rita Rodricks

19th May, 2019

On the 19th of May, 2019 Mobai Gaothan Panchayat celebrated Museum Day

The celebrations were at the Kaka Baptista East Indian Museum, in Manori, Malad which is not very far away

Fr. Joseph Gonsalves was the celebrant for the East Indian Marathi dialect Mass

While the Malwani Church East Indian Choir sang the hymns with gusto en masse

Chief Guest James Lobo graced the occasion with his presence and community ardour

Ashley Quiney, Joel Fonseca, Ruth and Brinston Miranda were the Guests of Honour

St. Blaise East Indian Brass Band from Vile Parle were in attendance for this function

Their traditional music had the young and the old dancing with uninhibited passion

Complimentary Cold drinks were served after the mass to beat the heat

Hot Dogs, Egg Croissant and Donuts were on sale if you wanted a savory treat

Homemade pickles, Pork Vindaloo and Goat Sorpotal were some of the culinary delights

Tadgolas(Ice Apples) and Organic Mangoes were being sold as seasonal bites

The ‘Golawallas’ did brisk business selling shaved ice colored lollies

Some people were busy in the museum taking out selfies

Ambrose, Corina and her daughter Karishma attired in traditional pink lugras and her son performed to East Indian songs

We enjoyed their foot tapping dance performance and sang along

Spot prizes were given out for producing unusual paraphernalia

Foreign currency, largest tummy, family photograph, new money denominations and the person wearing the most jewellery were some of the criteria

I won a prize for producing the MGP East Indian Card; I was the quickest by far

The card enables you to a discount at all the Avion Hotels in Mumbai and Lonavla

Buffet Lunch was traditional East Indian Food prepared by a home cook at the venue

Fridath Chicken Curry, Mixed Vegetable, Dal, Papad, Pickles, Salad, Fugias, Rice and Pav(Bread) were on the menu

Dessert was Coconut Pancakes which was very tasty

You should Savor each bite and not be hasty

Housie (Bingo) was played with prizes galore

Everybody who attended had a fun time for sure!


‘Celebrating May’ – A Festival of Song, Dance & Food

Rita Rodricks

4th May, 2019

Today ‘Eastern Sunset’ at Avion Hotel had a Festival of Song, Dance and Food

More than a hundred guests attended in a joie de vivre mood

In the lobby there was Nancy jewellery by Sabha which you could avail

East Indian Masalas, Pickles and Chef Michael’s Recipe Books were also on sale

Chef Michael Swamy was at the helm of the festival with his experience and advice

His new recipe book ‘Masala Dabba’ is a tribute to the box that contains Indian spice

Chef Sachin Pereira curated the authentic East Indian Dinner Menu

The Royale Banquet Hall with its scintillating glass chandeliers was the venue

Sachin is shy, unassuming and has completed twenty years in the hospitality industry

He is a proud East Indian and is the owner of ‘Occasions Cakes and More’ Bakery

Mama Lucy his mother has been his inspiration and his strength

Cousin Tina was there to support him and serve the guests at length

Chef Michael welcomed the guests with a small speech and with pride

He is indeed proud of Chef Sachin to whom he has been both mentor and guide

Colored Papdis (Papadum) with a mayonnaise dip and green chutney were on the table top

Pulled Chicken Canapés, Mushroom Canapés, Mutton Croquettes, Baby Vegetables Pan Rolls, Cheese Corn Rice Balls and Fried Water chestnuts were served non stop

Shot glasses of Khimad, a traditional brew made with tea and spices did the rounds

Complementary drinks for everyone gave way to cheering sounds

Rajeshwari and her dance troupe performed to East Indian Marathi songs with gusto and fast beat

The dance medley had the crowd applauding and tapping their feet

Conrad Coelho, a certified dance teacher did an interactive dance session of the Cha Cha Cha

It was fun as we kept changing partners we got to meet people who had come from near and far

The Martins a trio of father, son and daughter rendered a couple of oldie Goldies

Singer Valentine Machado and his daughter Trinette sang East Indian Marathi songs with ease

There was a game played with the guests as participants and many spot prizes were given away

Musician Kenneth Joseph had the crowd on the dance floor with his foot tapping music and sway

The Buffet Table had Mutton Khudi, Duck Moile, Chicken in Green Masala and Pork Vindaloo

Parsi Stew, Paneer Makhani, Cauliflower Pasta Bake for the vegetarians who were there too

Fugias, Variyas, Chitaps, Handbread(Rice Rotis) and Celebration Rice were the accompaniments

Wedding Pickle, Lagan Nu Achar and a salad were the other side elements

Dessert was Letri (Vermicelli, jaggery and coconut) with Vanilla Ice cream

The finale was Chef Sachin and Uncle Percy playing the ‘Ghumat’ (drum) as a team

Guests were given a 20% discount coupon to avail at ‘Eastern Sunset’

You too can avail of this discount by contacting Hotel Avion 9819611471 do not forget

Thank you Valencia and Kayomus Irani of Avion Hotel for this very special gastronomic treat

We are all looking forward to the next festival where we can all once more meet!

Christine’s Christening Ceremony



Rita Rodricks

27th April, 2019

Our little Miss Christine was born on the 3rd of February, 2019

The Family was eagerly waiting for her to arrive on the scene

The name ‘Christine’ means follower of Christ

While choosing her name her parents did not have to think twice

Melodene, her mother works for a Financial Institution in Prabha Devi

While Benito, her father is employed on the Cruise lines out at sea

Christine loves looking at colored posters on the wall

Try giving her a bath and she will let out a loud howl

Dr. Jacintha Mathias, Gynaecologist and Dr. Deepak Tirthani, Pediatrician of Holy Family Hospital, Bandra assisted in the birth

She arrived on a Sunday afternoon at 3.30 p.m. weighing two kilos and sixty-six grams with much mirth

Melodene and Benito were overwhelmed with their precious bundle of joy

Nana Matilda, Nana Mabel and Papa Dominic were ecstatic to have a new granddaughter to enjoy

Kaju Katli(Indian sweet) was distributed to family, relatives and friends

There was a long line of visitors to see the little one which did not seem to end

The Baptism was today at St. Vincent De Paul Church, Khar at 5.30 pm which is their original residential place

Fr. Ashlyn Chand, well known for his prayer healing services conducted the ceremony with sanctity and grace

The Godparents are Yvonne, Melodene’s only sister and Cajetan, Benito’s eldest brother

Baby Christine slept blissfully throughout the ceremony she did not even blink or stir

The Reception was at KCA AC Hall, Bandra on the second floor

It was decorated with pink and white balloons the venue was all aglow

The Back drop was an enlarged version of the Invitation Card which was pretty

The Centre Piece was a cut out of a Baby Carriage with confetti

Compere Ashwin D’souza welcomed the guests warmly on this very special occasion

Baby Christine along with her parents made a grand entry to applause and the song ‘Congratulations’

The cake with a miniature carriage was cut followed by a toast which was raised by Melodene’s cousin from Dubai, Juanita Joseph

Then it was time for cake, wine and a plate full of delicious food with all kinds of assorted stuff


There was spring roll, chicken tikka, paneer tikka, hara bara kebab, meat koftas and fish koliwada fingers,

Along with Schezwan sauce and some potato wafers

Cold Fruit juices of Mango, Sweet Lime, Watermelon and aerated drinks quenched our thirst

There was even a prize for the guest who had arrived first

Spot prizes and games had adults and children running amok

Everybody was determined to try their luck

Carrying your wife to the finished line was indeed a feat

Only one man dared to and managed to compete

My daughter pulled out a clump of my hair when asked to produce a single grey hair

She had no qualms about winning the prize she felt it was only fair

The East Indian Dance Masala had the crowd on the floor despite the heat

You do not need a partner move your hand above your head and dance to the beat

Helen Pinto, Nana Matilda’s sister from Belgaum recited the ‘Grace before Meal’

The Guests then proceeded to the Buffet Table which had gastronomic appeal

The main course had Fried Chicken, Tava Mutton, Butter Chicken and Pork Sorpotal cooked by Nana Mabel which was so very tasty

Pasta Salad, Russian Salad and a Tossed Green Salad were on the Salad Bar if you wanted to eat healthy

Pea Pulav, Rumali Rotis, Dinner Rolls and Fugias were the other accompaniments

Dal Tadka, Malai Koftas and Paneer Tikka Masala were the vegetarian options

The Dessert Counter had Mango Cake, Anjeer Badam(Fig and Almond) ice cream and Gulab Jamuns which was a great hit

The Chocolate fountain with marshmallows and wafer biscuits had the children surrounding it

‘Everett’s Catering and Decoration’ did an excellent job

His culinary skills sure made our taste buds throb

Melodene thanked all the guests when she replied to the toast

Some of them had travelled all the way from Dubai, Belgaum (Karnataka) and even the Vasai Coast

A steel round Bowl was a return gift to the guests from the family

It will be a reminder of the fun filled occasion that we all enjoyed so gladly!


Happy Birthday Mansaa!


Rita Rodricks

18th April, 2019

Mansaa celebrates her 25th Birthday today in Hyderabad where she starts a new job

Kevin met her a year ago at the Mumbai Book Reading Club where there was a mob

The venue was ‘Fable Café’, Juhu where you were free to read a book of your pick

Kevin read an excerpt from ‘Death in the Long Grass’ by Peter Hathaway Capstick

She completed her high school education at Delhi Public School, Visakhapatnam a city in Andhra Pradesh

Symbiosis, Pune is where she graduated in Law and started afresh

Reading and Writing is what she likes to do rather than cook

‘Little Women’ by Louisa May Alcott is her favorite book

She is petrified of dogs and avoids animals at any cost

Loves travelling, sightseeing and does not get lost

Favorite color is white she is usually attired in black and white

Being a lawyer in the corporate world it suits her just right

‘Uppudu Pindi’ made of coarse rice flour and yellow mung beans is her favorite food

Eating this traditional Andhra dish and Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese) puts her in a good mood

She is musically inclined and plays the organ very well

Watching movies and writing reviews is what she excels

She has a quaint sense of humor which will have you in splits

She would make a good standup comedian in short skits

Happy Birthday Mansaa from all of us in Mumbai

We hope to see you as a ‘Judge’ in the near future some day!

My First Holy Communion

Rita Rodricks

28th March, 2019

I received my First Holy Communion on the 18th of December, 1966

My mother was in hospital as my sister Jacqueline was born on the 16th of December, 1966

I was seven years old and very excited about the occasion

A new Baby our seventh sibling arriving was an added attraction

The mass was at 9 a.m. and Fr. Blaise Nazareth was the main celebrant

Along with the religion teachers, families and friends there were more than sixty communicants

The Church was St. Vincent de Paul, Khar where we were parishioners

Aunt Agnes tailored the dress along with a veil attached to small white flowers

The lace for my dress was a gift from a family friend Aunt Mags from the U.A.E.

It twinkled with pink and white sequins I felt as important as can be

Aunt Agnes helped me get ready for one of the most important days in my life by far

Mama Annie presented me with a pair of gold bangles with my initial ‘R’

There was breakfast after the ceremony where we were presented with a scapular and certificate

After a few photographs we returned home to rest and get ready we did not want to be late

My party was on our terrace with friends, relatives and family

We were indeed surprised when my mother walked in nonchalantly

Uncle Walter made the dessert which was fresh fruit salad with sweet condensed milk it was indeed a treat

Traditional food dishes for the party were cooked at home which was no mean feat

A Bible and prayer books were some of the gifts I received

A Lakme gift box containing scented soap, talcum powder and perfume was my favorite indeed

There was music, singing and dancing till late at night

We sure had a good time it was indeed a great delight!


1-A Pali Pereira Siblings


Rita Rodricks

26th March, 2019

Papa Eldon and Mama Annie’s family consisted of their eight children

They had two sons and six daughters whom they brought up with strict discipline

The eldest was Uncle Leo employed by Western Railways he ran the marathon

Annie was his spouse they had five daughters whom they doted on

Uncle Victor was employed by the Central Railways and was the second son

His wife was Aunt Ollie and Godfrey the author of ‘Bloodline Bandra’ is their only son

Aunt Agnes, the family seamstress moved to Amboli when she married Uncle Peter

Their family consisted of four daughters and a son she was a great grandmother

Next was Aunt Rachel a teacher who lived in Nagpur and was our neighbor in Khar as well

Her spouse was Uncle Elias they had a son and three daughters whom they educated well

My mother Maud was the fifth in line a business woman with a large family of nine

Along with my father Dominic they partied and socialized all the time

My mother was the only woman in the family to drive her own car

She efficiently and skillfully drove our ‘Fiat’ near and far

Aunt Hazel our storyteller lived in Thane with her spouse Uncle Herbert

They adopted a girl Concessia who took care of them without causing any hurt

Aunt Colette joined the convent as a young woman and became a nun

She is now Sr. Andrea and is based in Rajasthan where there is a lot of hot sun

The youngest was Aunt Virginia the family hairdresser who was a lot of fun

She now lives in Canada with Uncle Percy and is mother to four daughters and a son

We used to all come together for every family occasion

It did not matter if it was for a funeral or a wedding celebration!


1-A Pali Village, Bandra




Rita Rodricks

20th March, 2019

My maternal grandparents Eldon and Annie Pereira resided in Pali village more than a hundred years ago

Their Bungalow consisted of a terrace and a walk in attic which was a treasure trove

We used to browse around when the plank to the attic was unhinged and let down

Traditional cooking utensils, implements and vintage discards were to be found

The house has a partially tiled roof, wooden staircase, wooden windows and is one storey high

Being the first house in the village we would sit in the balcony and watch the world go by

At the backyard of the house pigs, hens and ducks were reared for festive occasions

We were happy to feed the livestock and in the evenings chase them back in

Fried Duck Eggs for breakfast was a culinary delight

Especially when we collected the eggs giving the Ducks a fright

Mama Annie always gave us money to buy some sweets

Small sticks of deep fried chick pea flour dipped in hot jaggery was a special treat

Bandra Feast was when the entire family, friends, neighbors and relatives all came together to celebrate

Laughter, merriment and joy would rent the air all you had to do was grab a plate

Festive fare was cooked on firewood outside the house in the traditional way

Singing, dancing, eating and drinking went on all day

The high four poster bed on the top floor was our favorite place to relax in the afternoon

Aunt Hazel would engross us in narrating ‘The House of Wax’ which had us over the moon

The skylight panels from the roof would provide us with natural light

We loved sleeping on the terrace watching the starry sky in the night

A huge handmade frame of Jesus in a red satin robe with gold lettering was prominent in the Hall

It was hand crafted by my grandfather’s sister Josephine Netto and was appreciated by one and all

In the evening Rosary was recited with litanies and prayer

For late comers Papa Eldon had a steely angry glare

There was a built in wall cupboard in my grandparents room

It was used to store Christmas sweets and goodies for us to consume

A huge dining table with a wooden bench was where we had all our meals

You had to finish all the food on your plate that was the deal

The plates were white ceramic with a green border

There was also a vintage wooden altar

The house still stands empty, forlorn and lonely

Of a time long gone by slowly but swiftly

We cousins all have good memories of the time spent in 1A Pali

Whenever we talk and meet it is our favorite topic you see!

Happy Birthday Raafe!

Rita Rodricks

18th March, 2019

Raafe, a family friend celebrates his Birthday today

From a shy teenager to a confident adult he has definitely come a long way

He has known Charlotte since more than a decade

They met at the BTA tuition classes when they were in the eleventh grade

Raafe completed his undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Manipal University

Energy Science, Technology and Policy program were his post graduate choices at Carnegie Mellon University

Presently he is employed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. where he has settled down

He is happy and contended even though he moved from his home town

Being the quintessential Bandra boy he did his schooling in St. Stanislaus School

Education, Sports, Discipline and all round development was the rule

‘Two and a half men’ is one of his favorite shows on the television screen

No wonder Charlotte says Raafe is attired exactly like Charlie Sheen

‘Gotham’, ‘Flash’ and ‘How I met your Mother’ are his other choices

While snacking on grapes and watermelon slices

Mughlai Cuisine is his all time favorite which he has learnt to cook

A Foodie he relies on his mother for culinary advice and not a recipe book

Kaju Katli is his favorite Indian sweet

Chocolates for him is not a treat

He enjoys playing the guitar and his favorite color is Sky Blue

Chilling and sleeping at home is exactly what he wants to do

Business, Cricket, Music and Technology are his topics for discussion

Writing music lyrics, photography and travelling is what he revels in

He has a great sense of humor and can keep you in splits

Reminding him of breaking our door stopper is an all time hit

Happy Birthday Raafe we wish you only the very best

You are doing well we are all definitely impressed!


‘Fat Sunday’ (Intruz)


Rita Rodricks

3rd March, 2019

Fat Sunday is celebrated just before Ash Wednesday which signifies the beginning of Lent

Forty days of abstinence, penitence, repentance that is what it meant

As children we were instructed to give up candy and sweets

Of course we cheated we found it difficult to give up our treats

The Passion of Christ used to be enacted by the local parishioners scene by scene

On Lenten Sundays after the evening Passo Service we relished the boiled Ghotwal Beans

Traditional Festive food was prepared with Pork Khuddi Curry being the dish of the day

Fat Sunday was a day for celebration with food, drink and dance there was no other way

On Shrove Tuesday Coconut Pancakes was our tea time evening snack

Ash Wednesday we attended church where ash was smeared on our forehead before we got back!


East Indian Food Festival 2019


Rita Rodricks

23rd February, 2019

Today Mobai Gaothan Panchayat celebrated their annual East Indian Food Festival

Visitors from far and near came to savor our extraordinary culinary skills

It was held at the St. Andrew’s School Quadrangle, Bandra from 5 p.m. onwards

It was indeed an enjoyable experience that cannot be described in mere words

Alistair Dsouza and Sachin Kinny co-hosted the show with aplomb and finesse

Gentlemen please take a bow we were all thoroughly impressed

There were more than forty stalls selling traditional food, jewellery and other knick knacks

But it was the Selfie booth with the cut outs that had everybody rushing to be on that track

MLA Advocate Ashish Shellar, President of BJP Mumbai was the Chief Guest who honored us with his presence

He picked out two lucky dip winners from Bandra who were definitely glad that they had made an appearance

Vice President BJP Mumbai Krishna Hegde presented the SKJ Christmas Competition Prizes

There were various categories according to the theme and sizes

Santan Dance Group from Worli entranced us with their energetic dance moves

In colorful lugras and surkhas they were a sight to behold we all approve

Yung Clyde a rapper was superb in his genre

There is no doubt he has that special aura

Russell Gonsalves performed a short skit

He definitely had the audience in a split

Royston sang a couple of traditional East Indian Marathi songs

He had us all humming and tapping our feet as we sang along

The D.J. had the crowd on the floor playing his music with a spin

If you missed the event you can view it on YouTube ‘Mee East Indian’

Thank you Fr. Magi Murzello for all your help and support

It was a very entertaining evening that is all I have to report!

Picture credits : Alistair